Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Japan.
This is your captain, Ichiro Suzuki speaking.
We are now taking off Haneda (not Narita) Int'l airport in Tokyo.
The background music is the famous "Sukiyaki Song", which was once ranked on the billboard as one of the TOP10 in U.S.
But, it's about 40 years ago. Before you were born, may be.
Soon, we will reach over central Tokyo. You will see the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ginza and Tokyo Tower as clockwise.
Afte seeing central Tokyo, we will bring you to Mt. Fuji which is one of the most beauful mountains in the nation or the world.
Please remember the famose Hakone where's the hot spring you will enjoy later, just before Mt. Fuji.
Over the Mt. Fuji, we will make an U-turn and back to Tokyo.
Please enjoy the flight. Thank you for your attention.

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