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Welcome to New York - CD-ROM 3D Three Dimensions Photos

Welcome to New York - DVD video

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New York City Guide video
Disc: DVD
TV format: NTSC

Language: English
Region code: 0(all)

Es ist fur Sie, dvd-Video begrust nach New York mit FREUND-Tvsystem fur europaische Leute.
With Cardboard-Sleeve case
Disc: DVD
TV format: PAL

Language: English & German
Region code: 0(all)

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Beautiful U.S.A.
CD-ROM "Photo Album"

MSRP: Price List
Digital Photo Slideshow DVD
All pictures are night scene of New York, N.Y.
630 digital photos (60 min. show time)
500 Royalty Free Printable Images

Introducing Japan with 50 videos

(Shown above is a 3-D image of Wall Street + St.Paul Church)
If you have a Blue-Red glasses, try to watch following pictures...
Actual size photos: click for phot #1 ---
click for photo #2

Both 200 digital 3-D images and 150 standard Royalty Free Printable images
It's all yours now.
Midtown, SOHO, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Lower Manhattan and Ground Zero
200 photos show you almost everything and you will have 350 (3-D and Standard) royalty free photos.
You can use it as your own photos.
These 350 pictures itself are worth more than the price of CD-ROM.

MSRP: Price List (.pdf file)
3-D Digital Photo Flash Movie
Internet Explorer and Flash Movie Player (if you don't have it, free download is available from Internet) are recommended to watch this 3-D photo show. (no special software is needed)
Three dimensional view of Manhattan, New York city. (45 min. show time)
350 Royalty Free Printable Images

* This is a CD-ROM.
* Need a CD-ROM Drive on your PC(Personal Computer)
* You need a pair of Red-Blue glasses to watch these images (Included.)
Special offer:
Red-blue glasses Value $2.00 It's free, if you purchase this CD-ROM. now.
If you have a pair of Red-Blue Glasses, please try the Three Dimensions.
Download now just $6.99 instead of $10.90 for DVD Disc


MSRP: Price List
Digital Photo show DVD
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Washington D.C.
835 digital photos (90 min. show time)
330 Royalty Free Printable Images

MSRP: Price List
Contains 3-D images of New York city.
Enjoy 40 minutes Slideshow.
200 3-D images for print out.
More than 150 original digital images for print out.
All of them are Royalty Free.