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Welcome to New York - CD-ROM

Welcome to New York - DVD video

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New York City Guide video
Disc: DVD
TV format: NTSC

Language: English
Region code: 0(all)

Es ist fur Sie, dvd-Video begrust nach New York mit FREUND-Tvsystem fur europaische Leute.
With Cardboard-Sleeve case
Disc: DVD
TV format: PAL

Language: English & German
Region code: 0(all)

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Beautiful U.S.A.
CD-ROM "Photo Album"

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Digital Photo Slideshow DVD
All pictures are night scene of New York, N.Y.
630 digital photos (60 min. show time)
500 Royalty Free Printable Images

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Introducing Japan with 50 videos

Beautifu U.S.A. Series


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(Photos of New York is not listed here)

Freedom Trail


Museum of Fine Art

John Harvard

Harvard Univ.

MIT Univ.

Birth place of
President Kennedy

Birth place of
President Kennedy

Mayflower II

Light house of Cape Cod

Capitol Hill

White House

Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial

Smithsonian Museum

Lincoln Memorial

Arlington National Semeteryl

Grave of President Kennedy


Night scene

800 digital images and 330 Royalty Free Printable images
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You can enloy this "Photo Album" every where in the world.
Photo Album
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Washington D.C.
800 digital photos (60 min. Flash Movie)
300 Royalty Free Printable Images

A sample flash movie on right side is actual images but smaller size and the same BGM used.
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The original flash movie has been made 1024 x 585 pixels (16:9 wide screen), large scale.
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Watch 3-D for New York

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Contains 3-D images of New York city.
Enjoy 40 minutes Slideshow.
200 3-D images for print out.
More than 150 original digital images for print out.
All of them are Royalty Free.

Slide show
4 Seasons of outskirts of New York City.
Please wait until download (50Mb) finish before the slide show starts.