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Welcome to New York

Welcome to New York - DVD video

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New York City Guide video
Disc: DVD
TV format: NTSC

Language: English
Region code: 0(all)

Es ist fur Sie, dvd-Video begrust nach New York mit FREUND-Tvsystem fur europaische Leute.
With Cardboard-Sleeve case
Disc: DVD
TV format: PAL

Language: English & German
Region code: 0(all)

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Beautiful U.S.A.
CD-ROM "Photo Album"

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Digital Photo Slideshow DVD
All pictures are night scene of New York, N.Y.
630 digital photos (60 min. show time)
500 Royalty Free Printable Images

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Digital Photo show DVD
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Washington D.C.
835 digital photos (90 min. show time)
330 Royalty Free Printable Images

Watch 3-D for New York

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Contains 3-D images of New York city.
Enjoy 40 minutes Slideshow.
200 3-D images for print out.
More than 150 original digital images for print out.
All of them are Royalty Free.

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A city guide for travelers and visiters to New York city.
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Our DVD-Video Welcome to New York introduces you about the best scene of New York City to see and visit.

We will show you many sightseeing spots in Manhattan, New York city in this video.
If you plan to travel there or have an interest about New York city, please take a look.
This duration 60 minutes video shows nice Big Apple to you.

In this video, you can see Broadway, Times Square, 42nd St., Sixth Avenue, Plaza Hotel, Columbus Circle, Central Park, The Dakota house, Museum Natural History of America, Lincoln Center, Riverside Drive, Grant's Tomb, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick Church, The Empire State Building, Macy's, Madison Square Garden, Fashion Street, Park Avenue, The third Avenue, United Nations, F.D.R.highway, Battery Park, Financial Center, Wall Street, Ground Zero, South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry Boat, Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Westside Highway, China Town, Little Italy, SOHO, Village, Washington Square and night scene of Manhattan and much more.
It's almost everything in this DVD you have seen or will see in here Manhattan, New York City.

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Standard amaray case
Language: English
Running time: 60 minutes

Welcome to New York and
All Night New York
79 Mb, 10 minutes
High Quality Demonstration Video

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