Frank Iwasaki
20 years in Bergen couty in NJ
Going to Tokyo, whatever the reasons, business or private or vacation for Asia, it will be an exciting experience.
The culture of Oriental is quite different from the Western's.

When you leave your residence for the trip, the experience of Oriental has began.
Sometimes, it takes one hour from your residence to New York airports mainly JFK or Newark.
Today's traffice to airports are always terrible. Please do not waste your time one the way to the airport.

During the driving to the airport, we will show you Videos about Japanese culture.
It is more than 50 titles, 30 minutes each title. Those are about Foods, Kimono, Maiko & Geiko, Landscaping, Volcanos, Sake, Imari Porcelain, Tsukiji-market and much more.
Not all the Japanese people know everything about Japan. Because of the history more than 20 centuries.
Japanese history was not one pattern from ancient times to modern era.
BC 145-15 (16,500-3000 years ago) centuries Stone age.
BC15- AC1 centuries People of Japan established RICE producing.
1-2 centuries it was the ancient time, there's no Emperor yet.
2-5 centuries it was also ancient time but there's already Emperor (Femal Emperor).
6-7 centuries The world's oldest wooded building Todaiji Temple was built. (Hei-Jo era)
8-11 centuries Famouse "KYOTO" capital was built. (Hei-An era) The Emperor and court nobles governed the country. Famouse "The Tale of Genji" was written in this era.
12-17 centries The Samurai Worrior "Shogun" governed the country. There're several Shoguns.
This era was called Japanese civil war era.
17-19 centuries The Samurai era continued. The most succeeded Shogun family "the Tokugawa House" governed the country for next 260 years.
19-20 centuries The 15th Tokugawa Shogun "Yoshinobu " returned all political power back to the Emperor.
The country became parliamentary democracy country, but the Emperor governed the country. The country opened doors to Western countries.
20-21 centuries After World War II, The Prime Minister of the Parliament governs the country.

The video will be show is not Samurai story, but Japanese modern (continued from ancient time) culture.
There must be your favorite and interested in the titles.
Each title shows 30 minutes length of video, you will be able to watch 1 to 2 titles before reaching the airport. Try our service once. Thank you.

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leave a message. E-mail is always the best choice to reach me.(click question)

Here're some video titles:
Kagura Dances, Snow, Watches and Clocks, Fugu Blowfish, Spinning Tops. Haneda Airpot, Ryukyu Kimono, Mochi Rick Cake, Marriage, Soba, Matcha, Kaiseki Cuisine, Dashi, Hanging Scrolls, Traditional Folk Houses, Ekiben, Sentou, Miniaturization, Silk, Apartments and Condominiums, Sake, Towns and Neigbourhoods, Imari Porcelain, Five-Storey Pagodas, Hiragana, The Fragrances of Japan, Nagasaki, Shirakawa-go, Firework, Soybeans, Hina Dolls

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